Saturday, May 30, 2015

2015 Strawberries Get Planted

Today was some strawberry planting, while the hound looked on, and the shepherd sort of dozed. Slowly, we become small farmers.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Back to Blogging

After a too-long hiatus, back to this.

I find time most days to write a line or two on facebook, but that is not writing, although Dennis Krivda does a good job of using facebook as his blog - he writes very well,and we listen (sic). But most of the time I am just resharing some left wing postcard, and while that is communicating, it isn't writing. And writing is one of the reasons I started this blog. So back to it.

To catch up:

I have a job now as a database guy and project manager for Presbyterian Medical Services in New Mexico. They are good guys and give care to everyone regardless of ability to pay. Their hospice folks helped my friend Robert last year as he was dieing.

A lucky shot of wheat at Gettysburg NMP, summer, around 2000

We are finally planting crops on our forever land. I see fences and a new physical house downstream, all needing to be built/bought.

I am doing photography again, with a Micro 4/3's mirrorless body and a couple of good lenses. I'm thrilled with the images I'm getting. Phone photography sucked.

I'm reading Strathern's Napoleon in Egypt, and it is great. I have been reading about the ACW battle of Gettysburg for years, so it's refreshing to read some history I know nothing about. Napoleon is interesting. I just finished Guelvo's great but not for everyone single volume work on Gettysburg, and I do recommend it to everyone, but it isn't the first book to read about that battle.

Technology that I use is changing. I use a Samsung tablet for everything, and Android M is coming, and it looks like a great release for me with adoptable memory in microsd cards, a big deal. The only time I need a PC now, in my day job, is to do SQL Server database work.