Tuesday, November 04, 2014

New Home; New Farm?

This is our new place.

You can see some greenery in the middle ground of this shot, and the the desert on the ridge in the far ground. Behind the greenery, to the west, and alongside our property to the south (left of the house and behind), is Arroyo Cuyumunque, a big one. The greenery are dormant fruit trees which we'll try to bring back.

Up to that arroyo is an acre of arable land, and a ramshackle old house. We're living in the house, and getting ready to clear the land.

If I knew how, I could ride a horse through the arroyo and up that ridge to the west behind the house and be in a sort of Carlos Casteneda-esque, as I imagine it, desert. I probably should concentrate more on running a backhoe than learning how to ride, since I am unsure what I would do or want to do in that desert, on a horse or anything else. We have the 4WD pick-em-up truck if it comes to that, but I'd feel safer on a horse. I'm a complete rookie in this environment on either. The Chesapeake Bay or Vineyard Sound this ain't.

First things first. Clear land so we can put in raised beds to grow food in the spring. We did a pilot project last spring for that.

Irrigation comes from our own well. Water is a precious thing here, and our well is unrestricted, being installed "pre-moratoriam". We'll devise a trickle system.

We are planning to be a farm in the way that we all should be farmers, in the spirit of the The Continuity Project, who I volunteer for.

More as there is more to share.

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