Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Animals, We Eat

I love food and and cooking, and I eat animals. But we're fucking it up. Not just in the ways we kill them, but in our relentlessness in killing them too fast. We all know this, but here's some food you won't be eating in the future. I'm just saying.

Wild Salmon. We've killed their habitat. You'll eat farm raised salmon going forward. Forget Arctic Char, it'll be crap salmon dyed red for you.

Shellfish. In October 1992 I sailed my Alberg 30 past five Skipjacks oystering on Mountain Bar just north of Annapolis, MD. They weren't there in 1993. Pollution closes shellfishing areas on the east coast constantly.

Buffalo. I saw a herd of twenty-odd standing around between Pojoaque and Espanola here in New Mexico a year or so ago. I wonder how many buffalo we killed to make a most plentiful animal most rare?

Swordfish. I predict we'll make this fish functionally extinct in less than one hundred years. Plus, they have a lot of mercury in 'em, so you shouldn't eat any anyway.

Cod. I was raised on Cape Cod. It's said that back in the 1700's you could put a bucket in the water in Cape Cod Bay and pull it up with codfish in it. The cod fishery is nearly dead, and in the future no one will eat Atlantic or Pacific cod, because there will be none.

Canvasback ducks. I used to hunt ducks and eat them. Ducks vary quite a lot in their deliciousness, intelligence, and in their awareness of hunters. Canvasbacks have the misfortune of being both delicious and stupid, and were hunted to near extinction as a result. So we made laws and stopped hunting them. Once out on my boat in the Chesapeake I saw a raft of several hundred canvasbacks. I was shocked, I'd never seen so many of them in one place. Not hunting them worked in bringing them back, in just a few decades. We did the same thing with Chesapeake Bay Rockfish (striped bass). We can save local fisheries, but it will take war to save the international fisheries. The Chinese don't fish the Chesapeake, but they are pulling fish from the pacific pretty fast.

I'm just saying. Our resource management sucks, that we need resource managements also sucks, and Soylent Green is made of people. Gird your loins.

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