Friday, March 08, 2013

Moving to Santa Fe

We've moved to our new house in Santa Fe. It's fifteen miles south of our old place in the pueblo. I like it here a lot.

I'm glad we can heat the place with this
Things I like:
  • Fenced yard for Phoebe and her new stablemate, who is coming maybe soon?
  • Fireplace heats the place. Furnace doesn't run much at all
  • Five minutes to everything - grocery, restaurants, Trader Joes, dog park, everything. We are in Santa Fe proper
  • Big rooms
  • Patio faces east, afternoon shade, morning sun.
  • Adobe construction
The living room is very echoic with a tile floor, guitar sounds great in here. And I can play guitar outside, yay for that. The neighbors will be complaining soon.

The little fireplace is just like being on a boat in the old days. I'm reminded of cruising in cool weather and using fire on board to stay warm at night.

After a couple of nights, it is noisy, like it's haunted by spirits or ghosts or something. Random clanks, bonks, scrapes, rasps, and howls abound. Anything is possible in my universe; if it's a haunted house, so be it. I don't care. I love this place, so if it is going to be a test of wills and spirits, bring it on. We are living here with or without you ghostly montherfuckers. Your choice. But stop with the noise, it's just annoying. This is our house.

Goodbye apartment

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