Friday, November 09, 2012

Small Stuff

Big Dog, Little Dog

I have a big dog - I like big dogs. I also like small things, miniature things. I drove a tiny sports car for years. Tiny things like that car or my mom's little dog are cool.

This gives an idea of how
tiny this amp is.
Big sound though.
As I learn to play the guitar, 15 minutes a day, every day, I'm surprised that in 15 minutes I make real progress at it. So as a reward for steadfastness and progress, like Dylan at Newport in 1965, I'm going electric. Albeit at a smaller scale.

The sound varies a bit depending on
where on the top you put the thing.
I'm sticking with my Yamaha F335 acoustic, a full size laminate top guitar that has a big, pure acoustic sound. I'm amazed at how good it sounds for it's price. To electrify, I'm using an Orange Micro Crush amp, which is so much better than the bunch of micro amps it competes with - the Marshal mini stack, the Mini Fender, and the Danelectro Honeytone, that it's not really in the same class. I like all those amps for what they are, but the Orange is the only real amp, because it gives nearly perfectly clean sound undriven, which is what I really want, and good crunch when driven. I care less about crunch, but I like it for fun. This is  a great little amp, head and shoulders above it's peers.

This Dean Markley piezzo pickup  is a gem too - wood covered so it looks vaguely like it belongs on my guitar, and it sounds great to me. 

This kit is a happy little compromise that appeals to my rarely seen sense of balance and underindulgence, and is great quality stuff that is a joy to handle and use.

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