Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Orange Micro Crush Amp

I added one of these to the kit today. It's an Orange Micro Crush PIX CR3. It's a tiny practice amp, and it's way cool.


I wanted to reward myself for making progress on the guitar, and reaching a point where I believe, with relentless daily practice, that I will be able to play in the presence of people without causing discomfort.

As with cars, I like things that are either really tiny or really big (my last two cars were a Mazda Miata and a Ford Crown Victoria P71 PI). This amp is one of class of tiny, battery powered amps that includes the Danelectro Honey Tone set, a Marshal stack, and a couple of Fenders. Given Fender's history of making tube amps that are prized today, I thought I might end up with Fender.

There's lots of youtube reviews comparing micro amps if you are ever shopping for one.

The Micro Crush is head and shoulders above the pack, in that you can get a clean tone from it, as well as lots of crunch/distortion. It's also more expensive, made of wood and metal instead of plastic, has a real Orange 4 inch speaker, a real cloth Orange grill, rubber feet, and a tuner, which is a really great thing. None of the others have any of these things.

Running my Yamaha F335 through it using a Dean Markley transducer pickup, it sounds pretty cool. Turning the distortion switch on at low volume fattens the sound and adds a tremelo effect, probably because I'm not in perfect tune. Distortion off yields a nice clean acoustic sounding tone. It's loud enough.

It isn't a tube amp, but with a tasteful amount of chorus I think it will fill a room nicely. This is a good amp at a great price.

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