Friday, September 14, 2012

Michael and Ana

Santa Fe, looking east
So I walk into the local music store in Santa Fe today to check out guitars (the Takamine EG440's are looking pretty appealing right now, but who knows) and one of the always helpful floor guys says "Look! It's Phoebe and...that guy who wants an acoustic/electric.". I'd had her in there once before.  A little later a girl in the store walked up and said, "Can I say hi to Phoebe? I know her from Santa Fe Tails." That's our doggie daycare place. I'd never seen her before in my life. She'd seen Phoebe there I guess.

Santa Fe is a pretty small town, and it has it's share of celebrities. Actors, mostly, who have homes here. Phoebe seems to be turning into a local celebrity, I think because she's so big, and unique looking. I've only ever seen one other Shiloh Shepherd since we've had her.

It gets weirder. Later that day, I'm walking Phoebe back from her evening pee and poop, and a couple in our apartment parking lot hail me - "We read your blog! You're the guy! That's the dog!"

I'm thinking that now Phoebe has stalkers or something. I walk up to them and say "Bullshit. No one reads my blog. What's really going on?"

Well, they actually have read the thing. They stumbled onto it researching Butterfly Springs Apartments where we all live. I must have a post in here about the apartment. I never thought anyone but my family and good friends would ever read this stuff.

They are Michael and Ana, and their kids, and they moved here From Tulsa, Oklahoma. Nice people. New friends.


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