Saturday, September 29, 2012

Learning to play acoustic guitar is a lot like learning how to manage data in big relational databases. Without the help of the people who have done the work already and on who's shoulders you stand, you have no chance. And when they show you what to do, it's daunting. Play an open F? You're kidding, right? But they show you. I'm told in time one can do it.

It's not just muscle memory, it's brain too. It's reptilian like thinking. I'm banging away at Horse with No Name, a simple song, and decide to try to sing a verse, and the wheels come flying off the playing in one  second. Overload. Like trying to decide the merits of adding an index on a text field, or storing denormalized data in a field.

I couldn't do my database work unless really generous genius's like Doug Lucy had shown me how to model data. This is the way of us humans, and our progress.

I'm really liking playing music. Even just for 15 minutes a day.

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