Saturday, September 01, 2012

Alberg Pictures

My Alberg 30 Annabelle was a great boat in a lot of ways. Forgiving, built like a tank.

Comegy's Bight on the lower Chester River, on a cruise
to Chestertown with Doug Lucy and Miles Parkinson.
Miles  was  maybe 4 months old then.

Same Chestertown cruise. Doug
out inthe dinghy doing
photo duty. Me below
looking after the boy.

But, she was a hard boat to drive in light air, heavy at 10,000 pounds and could have benefited from a taller rig. But in big winds she flew, although she sailed on her ear to weather. Here's Joe and me, before I renamed her, in 20-30 knots with a reef in, jib rolled down to 100% from 130%, and still putting the rail under in the gusts. It seemed like we were putting the spreaders in on the big gusts. That was a cold, wet ride. What a great day.

Domino Sugar in the background

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