Saturday, September 29, 2012

Learning to play acoustic guitar is a lot like learning how to manage data in big relational databases. Without the help of the people who have done the work already and on who's shoulders you stand, you have no chance. And when they show you what to do, it's daunting. Play an open F? You're kidding, right? But they show you. I'm told in time one can do it.

It's not just muscle memory, it's brain too. It's reptilian like thinking. I'm banging away at Horse with No Name, a simple song, and decide to try to sing a verse, and the wheels come flying off the playing in one  second. Overload. Like trying to decide the merits of adding an index on a text field, or storing denormalized data in a field.

I couldn't do my database work unless really generous genius's like Doug Lucy had shown me how to model data. This is the way of us humans, and our progress.

I'm really liking playing music. Even just for 15 minutes a day.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Joe West at Cowgirl, Santa Fe

Another great band at the Cowgirl this Sunday, Joe West and Friends. Second set ranged from Django to a French song you'd recognize if you heard it to Mack the Knife, and everything in between, and it all worked together wonderfully. They are back at the Cowgirl next week and so are we.

Ben Wright playing lead on the left gets my vote for the hardest working man in show business today. Not a bit of slack in his performance.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Facebook and Dinner Guests

I think people should behave on Facebook more as if they were at a dinner party. Facebook is a social medium where there are no normal social consquences, unlike that dinner party. You can say anything you want, and you aren't not asked to the next dinner party as a result - you just keep posting. You just get to keep talking. Unlike normal life, where if you insist on inflicting your political views on people, they stop inviting you over for a meal.

It's useless as a platform for putting political beliefs out there - we just skip over the political screeds. Because it's not dialogue, it's just a megaphone. Dialogue is conversation, and Facebook ain't that. And when was the last time you welcomed someone with a megaphone to your dinner table?

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Good Day

Swing Soleil at the Cowgirl

Some days are better than others. Today was better than most.

Slept good, woke up good, then off to the Cowgirl for lunch. We both had poached eggs with hollandaise on a big bowl of smokey, brisket hash. Delicious. This has become our go-to weekend lunch restaurant because of the always great food, great bands, and dog friendliness.

The band today was Swing Soleil, doing a bunch of Django Reinhart stuff and other jazz, lots of stuff I'd never heard before. The guitar in this shot is a gorgeous custom, made in Finland of all places. This band's musicianship is really something too.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Michael and Ana

Santa Fe, looking east
So I walk into the local music store in Santa Fe today to check out guitars (the Takamine EG440's are looking pretty appealing right now, but who knows) and one of the always helpful floor guys says "Look! It's Phoebe and...that guy who wants an acoustic/electric.". I'd had her in there once before.  A little later a girl in the store walked up and said, "Can I say hi to Phoebe? I know her from Santa Fe Tails." That's our doggie daycare place. I'd never seen her before in my life. She'd seen Phoebe there I guess.

Santa Fe is a pretty small town, and it has it's share of celebrities. Actors, mostly, who have homes here. Phoebe seems to be turning into a local celebrity, I think because she's so big, and unique looking. I've only ever seen one other Shiloh Shepherd since we've had her.

It gets weirder. Later that day, I'm walking Phoebe back from her evening pee and poop, and a couple in our apartment parking lot hail me - "We read your blog! You're the guy! That's the dog!"

I'm thinking that now Phoebe has stalkers or something. I walk up to them and say "Bullshit. No one reads my blog. What's really going on?"

Well, they actually have read the thing. They stumbled onto it researching Butterfly Springs Apartments where we all live. I must have a post in here about the apartment. I never thought anyone but my family and good friends would ever read this stuff.

They are Michael and Ana, and their kids, and they moved here From Tulsa, Oklahoma. Nice people. New friends.


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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Alberg Pictures

My Alberg 30 Annabelle was a great boat in a lot of ways. Forgiving, built like a tank.

Comegy's Bight on the lower Chester River, on a cruise
to Chestertown with Doug Lucy and Miles Parkinson.
Miles  was  maybe 4 months old then.

Same Chestertown cruise. Doug
out inthe dinghy doing
photo duty. Me below
looking after the boy.

But, she was a hard boat to drive in light air, heavy at 10,000 pounds and could have benefited from a taller rig. But in big winds she flew, although she sailed on her ear to weather. Here's Joe and me, before I renamed her, in 20-30 knots with a reef in, jib rolled down to 100% from 130%, and still putting the rail under in the gusts. It seemed like we were putting the spreaders in on the big gusts. That was a cold, wet ride. What a great day.

Domino Sugar in the background