Saturday, August 11, 2012

Good Day at the Cowgirl

After the dog park, we spent a lazy afternoon at this great place.

The Cowgirl Restaurant

Phoebe was less crazed than she looks in this photo
Tequila, agave, jalapenos in a glass
Our great Cowgirl server
Gazpacho with goat cheese crema. Yes.
Outrageously good tacos
Jamaican Jerk wings. Holy cow.
Our Parisian neighbors
Our lovely French petsitter

Our new favorite local band, Wild Frontier. Country band, and they opened
the second set with Funiculi Funicula. The sharp eyed among you know why. 

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

High Capacity Magazines?

Glock 26 with 33 round
magazine. A mess. Not optimal.

The recent shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin show what carnage a person can cause with a legal weapon. But it's the person who does the deed that is the problem, not big magazines.

When I hear the liberal radio and TV folks calling for bans on extended magazines, I have to say they've got it wrong, and they really don't know much about this stuff. They're right about taxes, the ACA, etc., but not this. If you want to make these shootings we've had recently less lethal, outlaw normal magazines and make 33 round mags the only legal pistol mag.

Proof? Get a Glock 9mm pistol, any model. I have the sub-compact G26 for it's versatility, utterly perfect reliability, and concealability. Get a Glock 33 round magazine. That 33 round magazine will work with any Glock 9mm pistol. Load up. Go to the nearest Navy SEAL or other special forces base and ask them why they don't fight with a contraption like we've just assembled.

Because they don't - they use lots of different combat pistols, with normal 12-15 round mags. And the reason is that a pistol with a foot long magazine is an unbalanced, less accurate weapon than one with a proper magazine.

My kit. G26 with an extended 15 round free drop
magazine, 5 rounds more than the stock G26 magazine.
Balanced, accurate. That's as big as I go.
My guns are for home defense. With normal free-drop 10-15 round magazines I can eject an empty magazine, insert a fresh one and be shooting again in around 2-4 seconds. And I'll be getting more rounds on target in less time that I would be with that unbalanced rig with the 33 rounds. Want to loose a bunch of rounds in a hurry? Get a bunch of magazines, carry them or stash them all over your house.

So why does such a thing as a 33 round Glock 9mm magazine exist?

If you work for Austria's anti-terrorist unit  Einsatzkommando Cobra they could issue you the way-cool full auto Glock 18 machine pistol which will blow through those 33 rounds pretty fast. You probably don't work for them though.

Sub2K with 33 round 9mm mag

More likely, like me, you've decided that a Kel Tec Sub 2000 carbine is a good thing for home defense, and that 33 round 9mm mag is just exactly perfect in that weapon. I'd have this carbine just to stay standardized on Glock 9mm mags working in all the firearms in the house - any Glock mag I grab in the dark will go in this carbine. And it folds in half so it fits in your briefcase.

When I bought a pistol in Idaho, all I needed to get it right then was to show an Idaho driver's license. No background check, no nothing. Madness.

We need to thoroughly vet anyone buying any firearm, and keep people with mental problems and other issues from getting weapons. This is the real solution. Bickering over the hardware is just silly and pointless.