Friday, July 06, 2012

It's a Wild World

Once, when I was surfing at Nauset beach as a boy on Cape Cod I noticed my fellow surfers all catching not necessarily good waves and belly-boarding in to the beach. All of them. This was because a big shark was swimming down the line of us, deciding in turn whether each us was a surfer or a seal. I finally saw it coming and in to the beach I went, on my belly, and I didn't get the nerve to go back out for a good while.
bethany hamilton and white shark

The swallows that nest around here have fledged their nestlings, but they all can't really fly so well yet. We came upon one on our morning walk that couldn't get airborne and escape, and the next thing you know Phoebe is being attacked by a couple of swallows.

That night, as we're walking on our paved walking trail that's ostensibly part of the civilized world, Kim came up one step short of stepping on a non-venomous snake of some kind. Scared her, scared me. Rather than take a long detour, I scared him off from a distance and we pressed on.

Then in the paper today a front page story about several incidents of people hiking in the Santa Fe ski basin with their dogs being attacked by single coyotes, and in one case a women and her dog were surrounded by four coyotes and had to fight them off with her hiking stick. Good for her.


Me, I'm starting to feel like I need to carry a S&W Governor with me, loaded with shot for the snakes, and .45 ACP for the coyotes.

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