Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Tired of these Motherfucking Snakes in my Motherfucking Desert

I've had two snake encounters with the dog so far this spring and summer. So I got a pack of CCI shotshells. They are designed for killing snakes and other small pests, and have 1/8 oz of #12 shot in the form of 230 pellets. You can fire them from any 9mm pistol, including my Glock 26. From the dispersal patterns I've seen, this round will play perfect hell on a snake at 5 feet, and still kill it at 10 feet. Beyond 10 feet, I don't feel the need to kill a snake just for being a snake. Beyond 15 feet this round is pretty much harmless, which is good for not hurting other hikers.

Glocks are famous for always working no matter what, but these rounds won't cycle properly in any automatic pistol, even a Glock. But they will feed and and eject in my Glock if I manually rack the slide, I tested that today. That means I can clear a jam in a few seconds, especially if I am expecting it as I will be. Good enough. Plus, if I can't hit a snake with one shot from a mini shotgun at 5-10 feet I probably deserve a nasty bite, and it would be my own fault for going where the snakes are.

The real mission here is to prevent Phoebe from getting bit; dogs can easily die from a rattler bite. Humans almost always survive.

With the failure to feed/failure to eject issues, this type of round cries out to be used in a revolver, which I want anyway. In case I can't rack the slide on the Glock, I can always fire a revolver with my remaining good hand, presuming I have one. And what better revolver than one that fires shotgun shells, .45 Colt, and .45 ACP?

I handled that gun today, a Smith & Wesson Governor when I was picking up these 9mm snake rounds. It's a lot lighter than the crap Taurus Judge that it copies and improves on, and has S&W build quality. It takes six .410 shotgun shells, .45 Colt, or .45 ACP or any combination of those. So it's great for snakes with a light .410 load, and loaded with these wicked Winchester PDX .410 rounds, alternating with normal 000 buckshot, this looks like a perfect weapon for dealing with a home invader. I know I would go for the Governor loaded that way first for that fight, backed up by bigger magazine pistols if it turned into a longer thing.
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