Tuesday, July 03, 2012

As Above, So Below

In January, walking our dog with our friend Catherine (who has a chow, wow) we discovered a dog that was being kept locked in a car. Catherine said she had seen it left in there for three days as she walked her dog past. I called the tribal police. They got Santa Fe animal control on scene who freed the dog, and when the owner came rushing down from his apartment, protesting that he "had just put the dog in the car a few minutes ago", the animal control officers gave him a ticket and a summons to court for animal abuse, based on my story. The dog owner was pretty pissed off at me. Too bad.

Fast forward to April. I'm walking the dog a couple of days ago, and our route takes us past the same location, where I see the same dog locked in a pickup truck. I call animal control and the tribal police - it's hot here now, 80's that day, and we needed to get the dog out of the vehicle before it died.

The same guy from the January incident appears and verbally assaults me. He knows who I am, and that I ratted him out back in January, and also now. I stand my ground, he gets in his truck and drives off, flipping me off and cursing me.

As I read The Right Hand Of Command I'm reminded of my time under the command of Cabalists and how they stressed physicality and control of our bodies to us neophytes, in addition to all the book reading. I hated exercise and physical work back then, and was a bad candidate for advancement beyond Man of the Earth grade as a result. (I've since escaped their control)

Physical courage isn't my strong suit, but the confluence of reading about command and control, remembering the phrase "As Above, So Below", and thinking about how to manage my ability to defend myself unarmed got me thinking about the physical side of things. You can't carry a gun in my pueblo, and that hamstrings me as far as defense against assholes like the dog guy goes. So I need an alternative. I have one.

Right now I am really liking exercise, for several reasons. It feels good doing it. I feel better and stronger as a result of the resistance work I do. I can walk a long way. My upper body strength and hand grip strength is improving.

So resisting a physical assault from the dog guy who hates me doesn't seem like much to worry about. I still can carry edged weapons in the pueblo, but I don't don't feel like I'd need them to stave off a simple physical, weaponless assault. Getting stronger every day is a good thing.

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