Friday, June 01, 2012

Happy Birthday Kim!

The Birthday Girl

It's Kim's birthday!

We had a great lunch at the Santa Fe Baking Company and Cafe where you can bring your dog and eat outside. Frito pie for Kim, an outrageously good omelet for me. Phoebe was good,  and got lots of attention from passers-by as usual.
Murano Glass

Then home for some Gruet champagne and presents. I had to make a stealthy run back to Las Vegas NM yesterday to get this nice piece of Murano glass Kim commented on when we were in an antique shop out there last weekend.
A black dress...

Dinner at Gabrielles, a remarkably good Mexican restaurant in Cayamunque Pueblo, just down the road from us. We both had the crab enchiladas, and the guacamole they make up on the spot, tableside, as if it were a french restaurant. Really good meal.


At the end they learned that it was Kim's birthday, so they made us wear big hats while a gang of the wait staff gathered around our table and sang a song, lustfully, about drunkenness and happiness. We didn't mind at all.

When we left, there was a guy hunting a hawk right behind the restaurant. 
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