Saturday, June 23, 2012

From Kether to Malkuth

Taking our ~1 mile desert walk today with these two intrepid souls, Phoebe was doing her usual Station to Station behavior, dashing to and fro between little islands of shade as if they were sepheroth on the Tree of Life, which reminded me of this great David Bowie song.

Like other cabbalistic dogs, there was method to her behavior - it's damned hot here now, high nineties every day. By noon it's uncomfortable. By 5.00P it's almost unbearable to be outside. We've given up on the evening walk for now, it's just too unpleasant. It's understandable that she seeks shade.

It's so hot Phoebe let this interloper live when he showed on our balcony. Unusual for her, she has eaten every fly that's made it into our apartment. She grabs them in mid flight, and they are no more. This dog is a brilliant sight-hunter. He hid and was spared.

Next come the monsoons, which I don't think happened last summer. Places like Ruidoso, a cool little town that had the misfortune of a wildfire, will experience bad flooding in the monsoons since a lot of the nearby vegetation is gone.

This is truly a place of natural extremes, in the summer anyway.

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