Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week of May 13

Well, it's been a quiet week here in the pueblo, my home. Not. We had some turmoil, now resolved, in our programming personnel. The core guys, Mark and Munish, continue to be superstars, so it's all good. They work so fast, I have to struggle to keep up with them, a good problem to have.

Nambe Pueblo
The vastness of this place is making me rethink landscape photography, something I have always enjoyed. The desert and mountains cry out for normal landscape work like this shot of Nambe Pueblo I made yesterday. It's OK, but that's all it is.

Desert flowers near our place

When things are big, I say look for the cool details, so I'm working on what I think of as micro landscapes. I'm photographing the tiny desert flowers we have around here and looking at other details as subject matter. I don't have it down photo-technically yet, but I like the composition and tension possibilities of the micro landscape school.

I'm still determined to be able to do at least one session of Krav Maga a week. Pretty modest goal for the kids in that class who are doing it with high energy, God bless 'em; a less modest goal for an older guy. Not that I'm old, but it requires a lot more cardio fitness and endurance than I have right now, so I'm building that stuff. It takes time. I'm happy that my shin splints I got from sprints (Bob sprints, not real sprints) are totally gone now, and that Kim understands all this exercise stuff and can tell me how to go at it right.

After I torture myself with interval training on the bike and the treadmill each morning, I get a little soak in the hot tub as a reward most days. Nice. To be honest, I actually look forward to the exercise each day, and that's a very good thing.

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