Friday, May 18, 2012

More Concept2 Good Stuff

I'm liking the Concept2 LogBook app. It's completely specific to their product line. I can't log bag time, for example, and the bag work is the most quickly exhausting stuff for me. I might have to just dump those bag data in Excel if there's any benefit to tracking them. 
Concept2 LogBook automatically ranks you with other folks in your age group and in distance/time rowed. It's quite a good app that way.  I think the only reason I'm up in the lower middle on the 5000M is that I was doing interval work today, my strokes per minute would have been much lower if I was just going steady, and I really pushed it hard today. But I'm in the pack, which should mean I am getting fitness benefits, and that's all I care about;  I obviously have a lot of room for improvement, and that's good too.

The rowing machine has changed my interval work from a chore into a fun thing. I really hated running on that damned treadmill.

Meters    Total Time    Pace    Date        Age    Class    Slide?    Comments
5000    20:00.0        2:00.0    5/18/2012        54    H    standard    2:1 interval   
2500    10:00.0        2:00.0    5/17/2012        54    H    standard    2:1 interval   

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