Sunday, May 06, 2012

May 5 Stuff

Swim, Phoebe, swim!
 On our last trip to Dixon, NM, about an hour north of where we live, a woman with a yard full of barking dogs (barking at us) showed us a secret path to the Embudo River, which feeds into the Rio Grande from the east. I think she wanted us to go somewhere where her dogs wouldn't bark at us. We went where she said, Phoebe jumped in and loved it that day, so we went back today with the long leash which I fabricated from eighth inch three strand and a snap shackle (thank you dad, for teaching me how to splice rope) which is 30 feet long.  Hooked her up, and in she went. She really showed her intrepidness when she stumbled into the deep part and had to swim back to shore in a fast running river. I knew she would go into that deep water, and I was pleased with her courage at one year making it ashore. All the photos from this little adventure are here. I had her leashed up and ready to haul in if necessary and was ready to go in after her.

Dixon NM
Dixon has a number of wineries, a cool community owned grocery store, and a lot of organic farmers, and was one of the earliest places where irrigation was done out here. Kim got some nice handmade gifts for Mothers Day in the grocery.

On other fronts, our contract programmer in the UK continues to be perfectly brilliant. I want to make him permanent as soon as we can. He's really driving development forward. The other one in Texas is done. Too bad.

Writing our athlete preparation software, I've learned that a reasonable athlete status is "Train with Pain". After my mostly self-inflicted over-training on Wednesday at Krav Maga, I understand what train with pain means. I so overworked my muscles grappling and doing exhaustion drills that they still are sore three days later, I also brought on a sudden and unexpected set of shin splints. I'm going back to the normal training routine tomorrow, including interval running. It's in the gym every day for cardio work for me, bike and treadmill, so I can survive the next Krav Maga hour long workout. I'm going to try one again in two or three weeks. I know I am going to have to improve my fitness level a lot to do this crazy Krav Maga stuff. It's 1,000 miles per hour from minute one to minute 60.

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