Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Week of May

This week brings me closer to actually having to give our beta testers our Factor Athletic Preparation Software so they can beat it up. Since my partner has been training and conditioning his son, who is undoubtedly going to be a superstar professional soccer player (at age 16 his speed and explosiveness equal that of the top soccer players in the world, completely unbelievable but true), I have a bunch of his training data to use to create the data import packages that we will need to stand these teams up on our software. Next, we have a large Rugby team in France that will be using the software and giving us feedback. I'm looking forward to doing some data integration work for a change.

I think I have perfected the vinaigrette we put on our weekly big dinner salad. The one I made today tastes just right. I upped the acid and it has more bite. Wednesday is farmer's market day here in the pueblo, so I have some nice greens, picked today, hearts of palm, white asparagus, fresh peas, avocado, other regular veggies, and leftover top sirloin, which is delicious cold.

Vinaigrette (based on Julia Childs recipe)

scallions or shallots
dijon mustard
juice of 1 lemon
balsamic vinegar
good olive oil

The trick is getting the proportions right, right being whatever makes a dressing you like. Put as much of the shallot (1 tbs, for me), mustard (1 tbs),  vinegar (4+ tbs), lemon juice, salt and pepper in a bowl. Whisk all that together. Start adding the olive oil, slowly, as you whisk continuously to make an emulsion, until the olive oil ratio to the acid mixture is about 5 to 1. Taste. Refrigerate until nice and cold, and then taste again, and add more acid if it needs it. It might well after it gets cold.

Put it over whatever makes an over the top salad for you, and there's a good meal.

Physical training is on the back burner this week. I'll only get three good days in at best, but it's a marathon, not a sprint. It's hard for me to gauge whether my cardio fitness is good enough to survive a Krav Maga class yet (my first try at one nearly killed me). I guess the only way is to take another class and see how I hold up. I know I'll get there, it's just a question of time.

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