Friday, May 18, 2012

Exercise And ERD's

We get to make Entity Relationship Diagrams! Hundreds of them.
In the athlete preparation software we are writing (it's getting close to done!), one thing we manage for athletes and coaches is injuries and muscle tension as drivers for training restrictions and other stuff.

So in our software, athletes have a training status, ranging from full bore train hard, to no train at all, and a bunch in between. One of those in between status' is "Train with Pain". I can tell you that "Train with Pain" sucks, but you know that - I didn't know. Last week it did suck for me. This week, though, I have no abnormal pain, have increased my workout, and have decreased recovery time. So after just a few weeks, some measurable fitness improvement. Yay! Lesson is, I guess, that you have to train through pain.

The new routine is pee/poop/bike_run the dog in the morning as long as she'll take the run - we want her to get a lot of exercise. Then to the gym for me, for exhaustion bag work on strikes/kicks/knees/elbows  (all I know at this stage), bike for a fast interval run (short), and then the rowing machine for as much interval as I can do. I throw in more exhaustion bag work at the end.

I want one of these in my house. Rowing is so much more enjoyable than the awful treadmill, and it's full body. I'm happy that I have one at the gym.

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