Thursday, April 05, 2012

Weapon Restrictions

Bloody Hell, the Tribal Police rolled up on me the other morning and confiscated my Glock 26, which I was open carrying while I walked the dog. I'd had a conversation with the chief of police right after we moved here, in which he assured me that since I was not a member of the tribe, the laws of the state of New Mexico, which allow open carry for all with no license, applied to me, not the laws of the Pueblo of Pojoaque. The officers that took my handgun didn't see it that way, but a friend intervened and the tribal police returned my weapon the next day. Now, I can't carry it outside my residence - living in the pueblo means no open or concealed carry. The tribal police are sympathetic to my plight, and told me that they would endorse an appeal to the governor for an exemption from him to allow me to carry a gun. The tribal police also advised me on what edged weapons are allowable.

So my first Cold Steel knife arrived today, which I bought because I can't carry a firearm here right now, and I need something legal that works. If you don't know Cold Steel, they make usually overpriced, but very high quality swords and knives. This knife is of acceptable length to tribal police, and that's one of the reasons I bought it - I don't want them seeing me as anything but complying with the pueblo's laws. Is it any good?

Cold Steel Kobun - a good knife
Oh yes. It's the sharpest blade out of the box I've ever seen.  It's a tanto style blade, which is my preference, for strength. It's length is fine for me. The Kydex sheath holds it tight while allowing any kind of carry, including neck. All good. It's their Kobun Tanto.

The sharpness is unbelievable. It's AUS-8 steel, and I am hugely impressed by the edge on this blade. I haven't felt the need to sharpen it, and I am a knife sharpening fool usually. This thing is ready to go, out of the box. Having something this sharp in a fixed blade is a force multiplier, and I'm inclined to use it in the house as a terror weapon instead of other bigger swords, because I know this blade will cut.. Weight is low - carry is as nothing, but it is a solid blade. Grip is modified kraton, and very secure. Could I slide forward on the blade, yes - but I won't use it in ways that result in that. This is a slashing knife.

Do I want my Glock on my hip when I'm out there? Yes. But I feel that with this knife that I could deter a casual attacker. And that's better than nothing.

Downside? It's an upside actually, Shooting someone is pretty easy, and requires no fitness. I have to develop a lot more upper body strength and fitness for this edged weapon stuff to be viable. I'm doing that, and it;s progressing well, better than I thought it would.

As someone in the fitness business once said, "being strong makes you hard to kill".


  1. Fitnesing up to be able to learn Krav Maga, so I can fight and win unarmed.

  2. Good choice! I have an SRK... similar in size. Cold Steel does to a great job of putting an scary sharp edge on their knives.