Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sugars BBQ in Embudo

We took the 27 mile trip north to Embudo to eat at Sugars BBQ. It was selected by Gourmet magazine as one of the 10 best diners in America. Reviews on various restaurant review sites were over the top with praise, so we had to check it out.

Outdoor seating is all they have at Sugars

 We were not disappointed. This was the best barbecue I've ever had. Kim had the Brisket Burrito - tender smokey brisket, green chilies and a little cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. It was unbelievably good. I had the same brisket with their BBQ sauce and it too was delicious.
Arriving at the tin shack that is the kitchen
Ready for Easter

The Corvette club was there eating the Q
The place is named after Sugar the bulldog, who died in 2004. She's buried on site.

After one bite I knew this was the bomb

But this was the REAL bomb. Holy cow.

Phoebe got bupkis BBQ, which is not as good as what we had

Their smoker, where all the magic happens

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  1. Stella Blue6:36 PM

    Why didn't you order the chicken fried steak?

  2. I only eat chicken fried steak that I cooked.