Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hiking the Pojoaque Hills

Decided to change up the dog walking routine by heading up into the hills that form the eastern boundary of our little valley. I'd been up there once right after we moved here, and It was much easier getting up there today after a year of daily long walks with the dog. I am amazed at how much fitness is achievable by simply walking two miles a day.

This composite image shows, from left to right (south to north), the Pojoaque Supermarket, our apartment complex (behind the supermarket), the Poeh Center, a museum and cultural center, the sports bar/casino, the tribal judicial center/police department, tribal admin offices, tribal medical center, and Cities of Gold casino at the extreme right, hidden by a hill.

A composite image of Pojoaque made from five photos. 135 degree field of view.
Click it for a larger image where you can actually pick stuff out.

Looking north toward Los Alamos National
Laboratory, on the furthest mountain range

It's remarkable how well Microsoft Image Composite Editor does stitching several images together. I recommend it with no reservations, and it's free. Some of the smaller photos below went into this composite.
The intrepid Phoebe near the summit
The trail we walk Phoebe on each evening at the base of these hills. I see coyotes up there sometimes at dusk, and  I hear there's a mountain lion that prowls around there too.
The Tribal Council can be a bit draconian
Entrance to the walking trail from the supermarket parking lot.
The hills are right hard up against the valley.


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