Saturday, February 04, 2012

Use Good Tools

I see that my friend Chris O'Brien is acquiring new weapons in preparation for the coming zombie apocalypse. While it's prudent to stock up on Hornady's excellent Zombie Max ammunition, and while I still like the treadmill zombie defense idea (ring your property with treadmills powered by solar panels, zombies step up on them and get flung), I think it's important to try to have at least some fun with the collapse of civilization.

Shooting the zombies is ultimately no fun - it's too easy. Remember, you no longer go to work, because your boss and co-workers are zombies, so you really have no challenges in your life except killing zombies. And after a while you are so good at it that you are just sitting on the couch you put out on the front porch and banging away at them with whatever your way cool firearm of choice is that you were able to just take from the abandoned gun shop, because the owners of that shop are zombies like your boss.
When Hattori Hanzo was building his rep,
he used a tool like this one
Hattori Hanzo
Admit it: You know you want to hack the zombies up with a sword, so why not a really good one? The Dokuji Nami katana retails for around $2000.00 but it's free once the zombies are up if you just go get one. It's handmade, has the beautiful real hamon pictured below because it really is clay-tempered and water quenched. The non-blade metal bits are made of silver, the tsuba is brass. It's like a functional work of art.

A real hamon
A real camera
Better than being an AK-wielding couch potato, if you go this way you'll get some exercise, and have some fun, and enjoy using a beautifully made tool to some good purpose. Kind of like photographing the zombies with a Leica M9-P.