Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Pro Weighs in on my Photos

If you've ever seen a movie where Bob Richardson was the Director of Photography, like Snow Falling on Cedars, The Aviator, Natural Born Killers and most of Oliver Stone's movies, you know that Bob has some serious cinematographic and photographic chops.

Church at Pingveller, Iceland
My dad knew Bob Richardson pretty well, because Bob bought my uncle Bob Emmons house at the head of Buzzard's Bay on an island near Monument Beach just south of Back River. My dad and I would pay a call on Bob and his wonderful wife Monona most times I was on the cape, which was often in those days, and he was a nice guy. How nice?

Iceland fishing village
I made a trip to Iceland back then and took a lot of photographs, which I brought to show may dad in a big album. Dad made me show them to Bob, who patiently looked at them all, declaring one or two to be 'pretty good', a very generous opinion coming from a RISD graduate with an MFA, and a couple of Oscars to boot. It was all bit embarrassing for me; my photos are just amateur snaps.

Pingveller, Iceland
Here's an interesting snippet of an interview with Richardson about making Natural Born Killers, a disturbing film. It's an interesting film though; I read somewhere that Bob used more different lenses and different film types than had ever been used in a single film, and when you watch it again knowing that, it's an even more interesting film.  Here's Bob's Internet Movie Database page. I think he's a superb cinematographer.

If you are a film geek, here's a technical interview about lighting and filming The Aviator.

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