Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Elise versus NSX?

95 Resuspended Miata special
"Merlot" edition.The chevrons add 10 HP
I've owned two Miata's, and both were great, especially the second one that I installed a complete new suspension in, which completely eliminated undesirable (in a sports car) understeer, but also made lifting off the gas in a corner at speed an act of faith and bravery.  Here's a video of me driving the thing on a challenging road. Skip ahead to minute 3:00 to skip the unchallenging part. What a great car.

Lotus Elise
Driving down Cerillos Road in Santa Fe the other day I see a yellow 2005 Lotus Elise in a used car lot, so I had to investigate.

Acura NSX
This is 1900 pound car in which every single engineering and design decision was made to enhance performance. To call the interior spartan is an enormous understatement. I didn't drive it because I didn't have to - I know how it will drive. Glued to the road, with limits I couldn't possibly approach, let alone exceed.

So the decision I made a while back was that my next sports car would be an exotic, an Acura NSX, and  now I'm questioning that. I might want the Elise. They are very different cars. The Elise achieves outrageous performance through weight reduction, the NSX achieves it through horsepower.

I'm leaning toward the NSX.
Here's a NSX review by a non-car guy.

I suppose if the business fails, I go with a Toyota MR2 for a mid-engine experience on a budget.

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