Thursday, April 07, 2011

The News From Couch Central, 4-7-2011

This week I'll be home, working from my headquarters at Couch Central.

My partner is talking to a lot of vendors of specialized athlete monitoring equipment, so I'm looking at different specifications for bringing their data into our database. GPS, heartrate, that sort of thing.

Port experimentation continues. Port of the week is this one:

More Port from Douro, Portugal

This is a Harris, better then last week's Morgado. Really lovely stuff.

I hate to be a cheese snob, but the "blue cheese" I bought last week turned out to be a pale, crumbly mess. From now on it's English Stilton or nothing with the porto. Trader Joes has a nice one.

In the past week, songbirds have appeared here in Pueblo Poajoaque, finches mostly. Since we arrived in November of last year, there have been nothing but crows and ordinary pigeons. And nothing else. I do miss the tufted titmice, cardinals, woodpeckers, hawks, and all the great variety of birds we had back east.

Here in the spring comes wind, and lots of it. It's tiresome, blows up a lot of the desert, and sends the tumbleweeds a-tumblin' past our place.

I'm playing around with cloud databases, and continuing a weekly sprint on the big project.

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