Sunday, March 20, 2011

The News from Couch Central

This week I'll be home, working from my headquarters at Couch Central.

Some proposal writing for a project that it looks likely I'll get, but I need to push it off a few months, at least while I work on the current app. Might need to sub this new one out, even if it comes in during late summer/early fall.  Hope I get to do it myself though, it's interesting.

 Port experimentation continues. This is the best one so far:

Port from the Douro Valley in Portugal
Like all decent tawny port, it's made better when it's combined with a piece of stilton or blue cheese.

Refactored the vichyssoise recipe. I've been feeling a lot better lately, so I must be healthier. Accordingly, I reduced the amount of chicken stock by half, and slightly increased the amount of heavy cream. Much more intense leek flavor, good.

My friend J. told me about a failure to feed in one of his semi-automatic pistols. Since J. has only the finest, most expensive, and perfectly maintained weapons (I'm assuming this was his Sig Sauer pistol, as good as they get), I was concerned. He says it was a magazine spring failure, from being compressed too long by a mag full of ammo. I keep my magazines loaded all the time, and sprinkled all over the house in case I've emptied one and need another, so it's time to go to the range, fire them all to make sure they still feed perfectly, and also work on the Ruger failure-to-feed-at-rack-time issue. I hope and think the Ruger just needs a good cleaning. I'll do that first thing Monday.

Last, in the clicks and grunts department, I'm debugging why linked SQL Server 2008 R2 tables work on a client machine, but SQL Server Views don't seem to be able to understand that the server name is now different than my development machine name. I'm hoping Drew reads this and phones me up with the answer. If this paragraph wasn't clicks and grunts to you, I welcome your opinion. Before I tear all my hair out.

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