Friday, February 18, 2011

A Puzzle

Raymond Davis is in jail in Pakistan. The Pakistanis want to try him for murder.

Here's some reporting on this.

Apparently, it's common in Lahore for street robbers to ride up to a vehicle on a motorcycle and commit an armed robbery.

Davis worked in the embassy/consulate, and no one on our side of this wants to say what he did there. Reporting elsewhere, Washington Post, I think, said that Davis is ex Special Forces. The Special Activities Division Special Operations Group (SOG) within the agency is my guess for where this guy works. SOG is said to be comprised of the best of the best from all our various special forces, and CIA operational people who are under cover are mostly in our embassies.

But the real puzzle is the interesting part. It's like the cooking show we watch where the chef's are given a basket of seemingly un-combinable ingredients, and made to use them all in a dish (Chefs: you have in your basket a blood orange, kippered herring, a jelly doughnut, and kimchee. You have 30 minutes to make your dish). Davis had multiple false ID's, facial disguises, several cell phones, a pocket telescope, and a headband mounted flashlight in addition to his Glock pistol. Seems like some kind of Mission Impossible scenario.

We will never know what kind of op he was on, if any. We do know a Glock pistol, once again, is utterly reliable, and let him kill two armed attackers before they killed him. His being ex Special Forces, if it's true,  was undoubtedly a big contributor to his winning that fight. I hope we can get him back from the Pakistanis without too much of a kerfuffle.


  1. I heard that he was the product owner of an IT project back at the embassy.

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