Monday, February 07, 2011

Edged Weapon Maintenance

I like Tanto blades for their strong spines. I have a 3 inch fixed Tanto that isn't great steel, and needs too-frequent sharpening if I use it for much, but it will take an edge. It's light and concealable, and pretty usable, but there are trade offs in everything.  I'm thinking about one of these next for a concealed little blade, just for the AUS 8A Japanese steel and relentless quality Cold Steel have.

This little sharpener that Kim gave me is brilliant, I can whip up a good edge in no time. You can sharpen a 14 inch chef's knife, or a small tactical knife. Light and effective, and easy to use. I like tiny things, probably from spending so much time living on boats.

In the longer term, I have a number of bigger Hattori Hanzo steel blades on order that won't need such frequent sharpening, but when they do need it, I'll use this little guy. Sure, I had to forgo retirement, but it's Hanzo steel for goodness sake.

A great little support tool that you can carry effortlessly if you have to rough it or live on the water. I've used it regularly for a while now and it is really, really good.

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