Thursday, February 17, 2011

Agile Project Management is Ten Years Old

I'm finishing up my first project that I've managed using Agile methods. I like Agile.

The team is a subset of a normal development team. Just me, a subject matter expert, and a product owner. What's a product owner? This is the best thing I've read about that role:

Project managing using Agile feels slightly out of control, at least as far as dependencies and delivery dates goes. It feels a lot like driving my Miata a bit too fast on a road I don't know. I'm pretty sure at any given moment that I will survive the experience, but the issue is certainly in doubt. But the reality is that after doing this work this long, I really hold the dependencies in my head. At the grossest level, everyone knows that physical database design has to be done in order to prove that you know enough about what to build to create a user interface prototype. We all know this.

I'm sticking with Agile. I have a huge project starting next week, and it will be Agile PM'd, Don't want a mess like this.

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