Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa Fe First Impressions

We've been in Santa Fe for a couple of weeks now. Here's what I've discovered.

The place is stunningly beautiful. Really. These pictures do not do New Mexico justice. This place is simultaneously a landscape photographer's bane and playground.

Santa Fe drivers are not really drivers, in the sense that you and I might know them. They are utterly unto themselves, and completely unmindful of the fact that there are other drivers using the road. Like driving with 5 year olds. The only other place I've driven that is this bad is eastern Long Island, or Boston. If you driven in either of those places you know how we live here.

The downtown is filled with great restaurants, and shops selling all manner of jewelery and art. The food scene here is varied, but the central theme is big city quality 5 star restaurants. We started our food odyssey at Zia's and it was outrageously good. I had crab cakes, of all things, and they were very good. Next big deal restaurant stop is the El Dorado hotel in downtown for Thanksgiving. Lobster bisque and prime rib for me, turkey for Kim, but I bet she tries the lobster bisque and the smoked salmon.

We live north of Santa Fe in Pueblo Pojoaque, a Pueblo Indian reservation. We have more casinos (3) than grocery stores (1), drugstores (1), and everything else (0) here in Pojoaque. I expect there are lots of things in Pojoaque that I know nothing about. There are 321 Pojoaque Indians here. I don't know any of them yet. We have a sports bar, and we watched the Raven's game there last week. If you drive past the sports bar, there is just desert.

Lots of sun here, but still four seasons, and we want them all.

Still looking for a source of quahogs, might have to travel to Albequerque for them. Once I can make stuffed quahogs, life will be perfect.

Some random photos.

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