Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whereabouts, Change

Kim's new job at OPM as a Special Agent starts on November 8. Movers come on November 1, and we start a three day trek to Santa Fe the next day. She gets her cool new Government Owned Vehicle, laptop, blackberry, badge and other spiffy credentials, etc., then. I'm advocating for the Dodge Charger over the Jeep Liberty.

Clients continue to come in to Parkinson Consulting, my new business. Since we are bottom feeding, I'm dealing with a lot of small businesses, and that's different than dealing with companies with millions of dollars of revenue, like I did the last time I ran this kind of business. It's more like running a one man law practice - people show up who need your services but don't have a lot of cash flow or cash reserves. I'm learning how to help them and make money doing it. My current business model wants these kind of clients.

We have our new apartment on the Indian reservation called Pueblo of Pojoaque. Prime rib special every night at the Cities of Gold casino just up the street! Mountain views from our kitchen. A new, great career for Kim and new portable one for me.


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  1. Jennifer Curtis7:11 AM

    Lots of love to both of you. Best wishes on your new endeavors!