Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mainstream Media - Fair?

CNN broadcasted, live,  the debate between Chris Coons, the democratic candidate running against Christine O'Donnell for the Senate (Delaware). This is proof of the liberal bias in the mainstream media.

We haven't seen CNN broadcast other local debates - only this one. Why not? Because of CNN's liberal bias!

The reason CNN made this broadcast is simple - none of the other races are as intellectually lobsided. O'Donnell came off in this debate as a "low information" republican, which she is. She couldn't cite a single Supreme Court decision she disagreed with. We can blame her handlers for not preparing her for that question, I guess. Coons was completely prepared, informed and articulate - after all he is Yale educated, which gives him an unfair advantage. As O'Donnell says in her ads, she didn't go to Yale. It's just not fair that she should be made to debate a person like Coons. And CNN made her do it.

It's pro-intellectualism at it's worst - showcasing an intelligent, thoughtful candidate like Coons against a perfectly formed idiot like O'Donnell. Shameless. Shame on you CNN. Advocating that smart people make decisions in government. Shame!

We need to have a separate forum to allow weak-minded, or under-educated right wing candidates to debate their pointy-headed, over-educated left wing political rivals. With easier questions and simpler language, you know? Whatever it takes to allow them to get their message out without having to answer those pesky, difficult questions from the liberal elite media, like CNN, that require critical thinking.

Wait a minute! We have that already:

Fox News!


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