Friday, September 24, 2010

My Whereabouts for Now

I'm no longer the database guy for QCI, so I have time on my hands. I'm starting up my consulting business, poaching the last salmon, and looking for what to do next.

First thing is start up my business. All you sympathetic people reading my blog, please send me your Access/SQL Server consulting business that you can't do/don't want. Thanks.

What I'm up to:

I am refactoring my blog.

I'll watch a little football on Sunday. The Ravens look strong.

We might take in a movie on Monday.

In the spirit of my childhood friend David Churbuck's blog, who also recently gave up his job working for Lenovo, I thought it would be good to post my whereabouts in case any of you need to find me to point me at a job or a potential client.

David's whereabouts looked like this back in the day:
Churbuck is a good writer and an interesting person, so you might enjoy reading his blog.

My whereabouts this week are these:

Saturday: I'll be on the couch. Later I'll travel to the grocery store for food. I'll be off the couch cooking dinner in the early evening.

Sunday. Bed. Then the couch. Depending on whether I made lentil soup or a one-off meal on Saturday, I may need to shop for groceries, or not. So begins the complexity and choices in my new life.

Monday: Travel seven miles to the cell phone store to modify my plan, because my provider's website is too weak to allow my changes.

Monday afternoon: RTC (return to couch).

Rinse. Repeat. But keep looking for consulting work, relentlessly. Work I can do on the couch.

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