Thursday, September 02, 2010

Auto Biography - 70 VW Beetle

No need to post a picture of this ride.

The VW Beetle is a brilliant exercise is simplicity and function. Volkswagon means "people's car" in german, and that's what the bug is - affordable, reliable transportation for the working people.

John Muir published a great book about keeping your VW's mechanicals working, which I bought. I learned how to adjust the valves and change the oil once a month. If you do that for your air-cooled VW it will run for a long time, which mine did.

Being far too old and dignified now to lay on the ground, I will not have another air cooled VW that I maintain. But if a Schwimmwagon  (also a VW) shows up, I might buy it. I know I want one. You should want one too.

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