Saturday, August 28, 2010

Show Me the Money

I am ungrateful for our republican presidents since 1961.

The right wing in America are increasingly dominated by the the extreme right, embodied by the Tea Party, a creature of Fox News. The Tea Party tend to embrace libertarian figures like Rand Paul, or idiotic figures like Sharron Angle. Angle's position's include privatizing social secuurity, an idea that does nothing more than move your retirement from the social security administration to wall street, and is simply a scheme to ship a bunch of your money to corporations so they can use it to profit themselves.

But at the core of the current right wing agenda is the notion that government is spending too much. And that they are spending on stuff that's bad. In general, the right believe that any program like we see in our European allies like Germany or England, such as affordable health care for all, is bad, is socialist, is "taking away their freedoms" (freedom to be killed by a health insurance company denying you treatment? Ask me about that if you think it doesn't happen.), ad infinitum.

So the Tea Party and the rest of the right wing want to elect another republican administration, because republicans are supposedly fiscally responsible. Let's look at the facts.
Every republican president since 1945 has increased the deficit. Every single one.

Every democratic president since 1945 has decreased the deficit. Every single one.

Republican worst offenders on increasing the deficit? Reagan (21%) and George Bush 43 (20%).

And let's look at the offenses of the last republican and democratic presidents. This just to compare what is legally actionable in this country, and what is not.

Clinton lied to the American people about getting a blowjob, a private matter. Clinton behaved with fiscal responsibility and reduced the deficit; nonetheless republicans attempt to impeach him for getting a blowjob from a white house intern. No one was hurt in getting the blowjob. It was given voluntarily. It did cause some friction in the president's marriage. He was impeached, but they couldn't get enough votes to put him out.

George Bush and Dick Cheney lied to the American people about everything going on in the middle east, a public matter. They told us that Iraq had weapons that they knew they didn't have. They condemned the USA to what would be endless war at the cost of our economy, our jobs, our livelyhoods, and all for no good reason. They are the reason you are unemployed or working a shit job. They gave huge tax cuts to the richest american's, at the expense of your job. They cost us thousands of american dead, and hundreds of thousands of american wounded in wrongheaded wars.

And it got us exactly nothing, except an Iran-dominated Iraq, and an insanely dangerous Pakistan. It was a safer world before they went on this stupid misadventure.

I am ungrateful for our republican presidents since 1961.

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