Monday, August 23, 2010

Freedom for Some

As per usual, the right wing seize on an issue that will work for their weak-minded base. The hypocrisy on this one is butt-simple.

Team No Mosque:!/pages/Team-No-Mosque/147777358582990

Let's say you are a strict constitutionalist, by that I mean someone that feels that, for example, the Supreme Court's decision on Brown V Board of Education was a travesty (or pick your own progressive decision). You probably believe that the 1st amendment is pretty good, but that in this one case, the Mosque builders rights ought to be suspended, under what law I have no idea - just the notion that it might offend someone if a Mosque were built "near" the site of the World Trade Center (how "near" is too "near"? Two blocks? 2000 miles?).

Well, it's offensive to me when the KKK have a rally at Gettysburg NMP, but I''d never allow it to be prevented.

These folks own this property. They want to build a Mosque. We have freedom of religion in this country. They are not a hate group. They are going to build something legal, in a place that is legally zoned for a Mosque, and their right to do it is protected by the constitution.

So are we to have religious freedom, unless someone feels offended by the way we legally exercise our religious freedom? That's what these idiots want. Selective religious freedom in the USA, I guess dictated by, and managed by the right wing? Fuck that. We are either free or not.

I've said it before: The right wing are our own Taliban.

The right wing bleat endlessly on about their freedoms being taken away. But they want to take our citizens freedoms away when they don't like their religion. Shameless hypocrites is what they are.

Down with Team No Mosque: Weak-brained, idiotically against their own stupid principles, and hateful fucks. A scourge on them all.


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Watched the Bill O'Reilly blurb on the No Mosque site. Why would anybody in his right mind agree to go on that show and disagree with him. He is such a bully and always gets the last nasty word in

  2. I'm sure it's no surprise that I agree with you. I worry for our country.