Monday, February 08, 2010

What I'm Reading

I'm reading a lot about SQL Server Integration Services, also fish biology and habitat, for work. I'm reading about William Tecumsah Sherman for pleasure.

I've read a lot of books about the battle of Gettysburg, some pretty arcane, some not, because I study the scholarship on the battle when I can - and the scholarship does change more than I would have imagined before I started reading the battle years ago. There are new books written most every year that challenge the conventional, accepted wisdom about what was intended and what actually happened over those three days of fighting in Pennsylvania.

So when I have to recommend a one-volume book that gives a detailed overview of the battle for someone smart enough to consume the whole battle in detail (or someone way smarter than that, like Scott Matherly) I point them at Noah Trudeau's excellent book Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage. If you are only going to read one book about the battle of Gettysburg and then move on with your life to other things, this is the book to read.

Right now I'm reading Trudeau's Southern Storm: Sherman's March to the Sea a part of the Civil War I know very little about, and it just rocks. Trudeau has a unique writing style that lets him educate and convey loads of detail, while keeping things engaging, relatively light, and with occasional amusing juxtapositions.

Huzzah! Huzzah! to Kim for giving it to me.

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