Sunday, February 14, 2010

Travels with Kim

Vanagon Camper in West Boise. These things are everywhere out here. I like that. I used to own one.

More Travels with Kim (a nod to my ex-hero Phil Greenspun) around Boise lands us next to yet another VW Vanagon. We went out to Impact Guns to shoot a Ruger LCP, and they were closed on Sunday! Took a north to Fairview to visit the only Korean grocery I've been able to find here to pick up some Kimchee and to try to find out if there are any Korean restaurants in Boise. I'm also trying out Idaho's open carry laws, and have my Glock 26 on my hip in the Serpa retention holster.

The proprietor was a Korean women my age who responded well to my crappy Korean speaking and told us about a place in Meridian that looks like it's actually in Boise, so we'll check it out. She glanced at my Glock and made no comment, and cheerfully sold me kimchee and dried seaweed. I'll go back there.

Where the Internet is kept.

Next stop was the building where the Internet is housed. If I'd gone in I'd have found Al Gore greeting us as Doug let me know. I'm sorry I missed meeting Al, I voted for him.

An employee greeted me in the parking lot and asked if he could help me. I said I just wanted to take a picture, and is that OK? He said fine, and asked if I was a Police. I said no, I'm a civilian. He asked if I always carry a weapon, and I said yes, and do you mind if I am on your property with it? He had no problem with it, so I took some photos and we left.

Lessons learned: Idaho is a shall issue state, so we'll get our concealed carry permits, and always carry concealed. No one open carries here, it seems, and some citizens are surprised to see someone doing that. Plus, concealed carry is safer - you can choose whether you want to be perceived as armed or not if some bad stuff happens around you.


  1. Way to make an impression, oh armed east coast zealots....I just got a note from the nice Korean woman - she asked me to tell you she had a finger on the silent alarm. And that Internet guy - they are checking your files as we speak...Don't write to me till you two are "cooled off" okay? Thanks Bonnie and Clyde.

  2. I'm just a black suited, laptop totin' flatlander to these people...

  3. They were probably OK with the gun, but they were a little worried when they heard that you were a bad ass from Baltimore!

  4. Mike,

    People here are flabbergasted that I repo'd cars in Baltimore...they can't imagine me doing that work.