Sunday, January 10, 2010

The View From Where I Blog

When Kim is home, this is the view for me as I type away. I've got my girl next to me on the sofa, and all is right with the world as I write.

More people who know me are showing up as Facebook friends. Facebook's concept of "friends" is a lot broader than I'm used to calling my circle of physically present friends, but I still like Facebook a lot. I'm in touch with people who's lives interest me who I might not otherwise be in contact with. Facebook throws information up about folks and presents opportunities for comunication. Communication that isn't always very profound, but communication nonetheless, and more communication is a good thing.

I'm grateful for my friends, one and all.
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  1. I was expecting to see a stack of u-haul boxes in the background.

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  3. This is why houses (and cars) should have bench seats, not bucket seats.