Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Boise

Taxi to BWI/Thurgood Marshall  airport from Pikesville on our way to Boise

Up at dawn and out of the house for travel to Boise, our new home. The travel was uneventful.

The CIA are advertising at BWI.

First impressions of Boise:

This is a clean city. I haven't seen even one cigarette butt on the ground.

The behavior of the people who live here is much like my friend Joe described from his visit here - polite people. Considerate drivers who obey the trafic laws.

The downtown is vibrant, with lots of small businesses and lots of restaurants. It's utterly safe. A 30-ish woman overheard us on the street wondering aloud about which way to walk to the restaurants, and introduced herself and advised us. She gave us her business card, welcomed us to Boise, and said call anytime if we had a question about this place. She was from New York City and lives here now.

In the Modern Hotel

I meet my colleagues tomorrow. They are giving me one of their pick em up trucks to use until our vehicles arrive.

The mountains are larger than I thought they would be. The weather is exactly like it is in Baltimore.

I have a good feeling about this place.

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