Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Job, New City

With my ex-wife and my kids getting ready to move to the west coast in the spring with my blessing, there's not much to keep us in Baltimore except for some friends, who I will miss when we leave for my new job working for Quantitative Consultants, Inc. in Boise Idaho.

QCI does science. From their site:

Quantitative Consultants, Inc (QCI) was founded in 2000 to meet a need for the pragmatic application of quantitatively rigorous methods to evaluate population status and provide meaningful methods to develop and guide the implementation of conservation actions.

I'll be helping QCI support ISEMP using my information management skills with large databases. The goal is to keep salmon and steelhead populations in the pacific northwest from going extinct. Put simply, a lot of people (and devices) collect a lot of very localized and granular data about fish and habitat and send it to us, and I manage bringing it all in, getting it sorted out, and sent where it needs to go. It's a very exciting opportunity for me. I've worked as a database guy with scientists before, and it's a good fit, because they understand the technical concepts of data management and I understand their need for precision. And while I like a poached salmon as much as anyone, I don't want to see the last one poached and eaten.

Kim and I have talked a lot over the years about ultimately moving out west, and now we are doing it. I'm really glad that Kim is finally going to get out of Baltimore, a place she doesn't like, and a place she has tolerated for a long time just to be with me. That's a big deal, and she deserves to live somewhere she doesn't loathe. I'm not liking Baltimore so well either these days - I have a 15 mile commute that sometimes takes 90 minutes or more, and that's a crime. My commute in Boise will be a little over a mile with no beltway in sight, and I'll be working with really smart people to accomplish a good thing. Beats working for a health insurance company.


  1. Congrats on the job and the move!

  2. SELECT bool_smoked,bool_with_cracked_pepper,lint_quantity_eaten FROM bobs_big_table_o_fish.

  3. SQL is so damned versitile, that's why I love it.