Saturday, January 23, 2010


Lunch with Annabelle at Friendlies today

This is probably the last time I will have lunch and ice cream with Annabelle at Friendlies restaurant - they aren't out west.

There a lot of lasts, because even though I might come back to Baltimore to charter a trawler from these people, something I've always wanted to do, we'll be here to use the Chesapeake Bay, not Baltimore. And, all my favorite cruising destinations are on the Eastern shore, save a few.

It's a last for blasting though the twisty roads around Loch Raven reservoir. But, there are many more miles of similar roads around Boise.

It's a last for spontaneous trips to Gettysburg for lunch and battle research - but we'll come back for the anniversary historical walks and make a mini vacation of it.

It's a last for spending 90 minutes trying to get home from work - this my new 1.7 mile commute.

It's a last having to flee some crazy motherfucker on the streets of this or any city. And if it comes to it, Idaho is an open carry state, and a shall issue state for concealed carry permits. There were 14 murders in Boise, a city of over 200,00 people in 2007, their worst year. Baltimore closed out 2009 with 238 murders in a city roughly three times the population of my new home.

Baltimore, You Suck, but I've met a lot of wonderful people here, and I will miss things like this, this, this, this, and this.

But we'll make new fun traditions in Boise. Off we go.

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  1. ProstWest8:31 AM

    Sorry, late on this one. A more meaningful comparison would be MSA- Balto Metro is actually 4.5 times the population of the Treasure Valley. As far as crazy mofos, ask Chuck Palahniuk about the Idaho crime rate. Craigslist personals should seem less risky than heroin dealing, but it's a crazy world out there, and neither Boise nor Santa Fe are exceptions.