Saturday, December 26, 2009

Photography, and a Stupid Civil War General

The Excelsior Brigade Monument, Gettysburg PA.

I was waiting at the parking area near the Peach Orchard at Gettysburg National Military Park for a Battle Walk to begin when I opportunisticly shot this photo. A Battle Walk is a park historian led trek (sometimes it's a pretty difficult hike over tough terrain, especialy if Troy Harmon is leading) over a part of the field where a scholarly talk is delivered (and it is especially scholarly if Troy Harmon is leading) and it's a great thing to participate in if you are an amateur scholar of the Battle of Gettysburg like me. I learned a lot on Troy's Battle Walks. It really helps one understand what went on on a particular part of the field.

This photograph has always been a favorite of mine, and I like it so much I have hung it on my wall. It's a long shot I made with a 200mm lens and film from several hundred yards away, and that long lens and the long distance is why the summer wheat is nicely compressed against the monument. This is the part of the Union line that Humphrey's brigade was posted to on July 2nd, and it was here that he led his very competent fighting withdrawl in the face of Longstreet's brilliant attack after the third corps were stupidly thrown forward by idiot political general Sickles.

The len's compression of the shot mirrors the awful compression Humphrey, and others, must have felt that day as Longstreet's Corp's right to left en echelon attack crushed them and sent them reeling back to their destruction.


  1. Herb Bodensiek8:05 AM

    I've been to gettysbug literally dozens of times, I have relatives there! Nice Picture Bob!
    It reminds me of the "high water mark" somewhere else on the battlefield.

  2. Thanks.

    This is south of the copse of trees.