Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Holiday Thoughts

I just walked outside to enjoy our Christmas lights and it's cold, cold here in Baltimore. Luckily I have a pot of lentil soup on the fire, and I'm going to watch the Vikings play, and wonder who my next team will be. The cold, clear weather reminds me of the winters I spent in Korea. Then, my friends and I were landlocked US Navy intelligence guys, and that meant we walked to work in sub-zero temperatures from Anjong village to an Army base, and I remember so many mornings trudging in for the day watch in brutal temperatures. But I was strong and young and only cared about my friends and shipmates and we'd go drinking at night in the clubs and nothing could stop us and it was a time to remember because we were undefeatable information/intelligence warriors and we flew in planes and rode in submarines and whatever else it took. Life was simple and fun and we did good work and what more could anyone want? We had nothing and lacked for nothing.

I'm using Facebook to reconnect with a lot of those old friends, and it's good. It's not that facebook is so good, but  ultimately it is because it brings people together who might otherwise not be in touch. And that's a good thing.

I was young once and now I'm not so young. I know now that youth is not wasted on the young.

Onward with today's work and life.


  1. Hey Bob- Enjoyed this post. I'm an ex Infantryman. It is summer down under here in New Zealand.


  2. It's always interesting when something in the present reminds us of some good times in the past - and it makes for a good blog post!