Monday, November 09, 2009

What's Bob Doing?

Off to work today to find an ad-hoc analysis problem waiting involving hopitalizations for mental health problems. Next had meetings with IT colleagues to request that they derive some info from data on provider locations (some health care providers have more than one location, and some don't, as you might imagine) and my guys need to know about that. Also working on raw provider data to see if we are somehow failing to import them correctly. It's all forensics. My IT folks and business analysts know these data well, and I don't yet, but I will.

Our customers are Medicare recipients. They get good care. I'll be blogging about that when I can.

Three weeks in, this is still very much a new job, in the sense that I bring no domain knowledge or industry (medicare) experience to it. Luckily, the data analysis work is uncomplicated enough so far that I can get it done.


  1. It's such a strange phenomena when you leave a domain that you've mastered to a new domain - complete with a new vocabulary and language. It can be kind of an anxious feeling for a while.

  2. Luckily you're such a smartypants, you seem to take to everything new with complete ease. Way to go, honey!