Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baltimore, You Suck

No danger of repo'ing a car on this street, unless it's my Miata. McElderry.

I've had it with this city. I'm working downtown now, and the commute sucks. I work in a better neighbrhood, Canton, than the one in this picture, but the reality of this city is that to get from one pocket of unblighted neighborhood to another, you will have to travel through a dangerous mess like McElderry, or Harlem Park (or pick any of hundreds of other ruined neighborhoods). I spent some time repossessing cars in Baltimore, and it was always in the these same neighborhoods, Pimlico, Park Heights, Sinclair-Edison, all the shitholes. Baltimore is called the city of neighborhoods, and 250 of 300 of them suck.


The big problem, though, is my commute. I drive fifteen miles and it takes an hour, often longer. If I so far forget myself as to leave a safe distance between the car in front of me and my car, some asshole will honk, pass me in a frenzy on the right, and fill the gap. I get cut off, honked at, passed unsafely, and I'm starting to think that Baltimore and her suburbs are populated by an inordinate number of idiot assholes.

I need to maintain a sunny disposition and a sense of fellowship with my neighbors, fellow commuters included. The only solution is to leave, and go to a smaller city that's not blighted. Boise Idaho, Richmond, Virginia, a place like that. I'm working on it.

The Suburbs


  1. Traffic jams turn people into idiots.

    I've had similar discussions with my wife about moving to a smaller city for a better quality of life. I spend about 13 hours each week commuting, and I frequently don't have much time with the kids after work before they have to go to bed. The trade-offs for such a move might be pay and job availability, but you pick up shorter commutes and more affordable housing.

    My wife took my daughter to the Lyric Opera House last night to see the Wizard of Oz. My wife loves Baltimore, but she was a little nervous about getting to and from the play last night. That was a first for her. This was the same woman who convinced me to drive through the West side after seeing The Wire - although that was during daylight.

  2. You need to visit New Zealand. It rocks!

    I have spent a lot of time in the USA and love it.....sure there are some terrible examples of architecture and some sad "hoods" but you get that anywhere.

  3. My wife has relatives in New Zealand. Her mom is British. I have only heard great things about your country. I'm a sailor, and I was pretty impressed with the way NZ stormed the Americas Cup a few years back too.