Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tiny Right Wing Twits

The recent effort by President Obama to influence the IOC to award the Olympics to Chicago and his failure to do so (Chicago never had a chance) was cheered by the usual right wing cheerleaders (Limbaugh, et al) in their usual offensive ways. Paul Krugman writes a particularly cogent op-ed piece about the spitefulness of the right wing these days here. And someone makes the astute observation on this aricle about the right cheering the Chicago failure, wondering how loud the right's cheering will be if there is another successful terrorist attack on the United States on Obama's watch.

Let's remember that 9/11 happened on the Cheney/Bush watch. Remember Bush sitting speechless/action-less in front of the camera in that elementary school, while Cheney authorized shooting down civilian airliners? Your government in action/inaction. No cheering from the republicans that day.

But Krugman is right - the right will applaud anything that happens that might make the Obama administration fail, or appear to have a setback. It's tiny-minded, mean spiritedness from political extremists who have no solutions, only dogma.

A pox on them.

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  1. Good articles on the subject. I had intended on writing something about this myself, but didn't find the time. Unfortunately, it's a sad commentary on the state of our country.

    With health care, I'm guessing that the country is going to have to hit bottom (whatever that may be) before people figure out that real reform is needed. Not enough people are feeling enough pain to push for reform.